Vegan Cooking Classes

Thank you for your interest in our vegan cooking class. After 10 years of wonderful classes, we are now changing gears and are working on some new ideas and innovations for health workshops and seminars that will start back in 2020.

Check back again soon!

In the meantime, you can purchase our cookbook on Amazon:

Our cookbook for sale!
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Amazon Testimonials

"Neeta's book is life changing !!!!! =)"

"I have been a vegetarian for almost 30 years and have almost every cookbook on the planet about vegetarian cooking, but this one is different. I am actually using it"

"We really enjoyed the easy to understand format, the juicing section called 'Ancient Elixirs & Their Benefits - My Mother's Wisdom' "

"It is packed with shopping information to help you stock your kitchen pantry. There are sections on home remedies and alternative and ayurvedic healing.This may be a vegan cookbook, but mothers can find many tasty dishes here that will appeal to young children."

"It is very well organized so that you can easily prepare meals according to the ingredients that you have on hand."


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